Hello Beautiful Soul!

Have an inner longing to be heard, seen and validated?

Feel ashamed that everything looks perfect on the outside—you’ve got the house, the husband, the stellar career)—yet on the inside you are Quietly Unhappy, unfulfilled and perhaps empty?

I understand.

If somehow you feel that all you have, all you do, isn’t “enough”...if your longing is so big, so deep, so real, yet you feel no one is listening…I can help.

You deserve to shine, to follow the path you were meant to be on.

My name is Marita, and I’ve been exactly where you are. I’ve forged through the mud and the darkness to a beautiful place—and I want the same for you.

I am a master at asking the right, penetrating questions, the ones that will liberate you and push or pull you to a part of yourself you’ve shut out. So when we work together, I will illuminate the parts of yourself you’ve been hiding—so that you can be the YOU you were meant to be.

Your Mysterious Longing is what has brought us together…I can help.

Through my intuition, my gifts, and my experiences, I will help you:

  • to be seen and heard through all the “noise” of life
  • step into your power by honoring your voice
  • navigate your way out of the muddled feelings you are experiencing
  • live YOUR life (not the one that is expected) --the one you were MEANT to live

And you will feel freer and lighter.

There is no reason to feel shame, unhappiness, longing or fear for something you think is out of reach. You can live the life you were meant to, and I will be your guide.

I will help you see the YOU you’ve kept hidden—the you who wants, needs and deserves to be seen.

I can guarantee that once you see that part of yourself, you’ll want to rush into her arms and say “Where have you been?!”

And she’ll say: I’ve been here. Waiting. For you.

Ahhhh....won’t that feel amazing?

Yes! Absolutely!

How can I experience this?

I’ve created One-on-One Soul Attunement Sessions with you in mind.

What is a Soul Attunement Session: A powerful, intimate, life-changing time customized just for you.

How it works: Six 45 minute Skype sessions where we’ll have face to face time together, complete with warm conversation, laughter and “homework.” You will have email access during this time together for your questions, concerns, epiphanies and to keep you on track.

Expect: To feel heard. Supported. Accepted. My undivided attention will be on you. To experience a new way of thinking, being, existing. Revelations galore.

Where: Skype

Promises: You’ll see yourself—and your life—in a different light. You'll feel heard, seen and validated. That magic you might have lost...you'll experience again. You will leave your Soul Attunement with a renewed Hope that you can do this thing called Life. You will feel lighter.

Unveil the real you. Move from Quietly Unhappy and unfulfilled to full of Hope and Joy. Find the hidden magic that’s swirling inside you.

Are you ready to be the YOU you were meant to be?

Click here to apply to this life-altering session.

I promise: You will change. Your life will be full of hope. You will feel free.

About Me

I am:

•  A sincere seeker of Divine Wisdom & Truth

•  A gifted intuitive offering you an Eagle’s perspective

•  A Nature Loving Goddess blending together the Native American and the Shamanic Traditions

•  A fun-loving Sprite Bubble who brings wit, charm, laughter, and humor to those on her path

•  A master at asking the right, penetrating questions that will unfurl you

• You can trust me, whether it’s with your hidden shame or your hidden dreams.

I am:

•  A woman of integrity

•  A woman who shows up without judgment

•  A professional who honors your sharing by keeping it confidential

•  A woman who has been where you are. I know the pain. I’ve been where you walk.

I am your go-to Goddess.

I will help you free your soul—and feel the magic.

Now is the time to be yourself again—and to live the life you desire, dream of and deserve.

Stop waiting and start living as YOU.

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Recent Praise 

"I loved our Skype Soul Attunement sessions.  You made it so easy – like a great conversation with a friend who listens REALLY well!  The techniques you’ve given me are wonderful – and are already making a difference in how I see and react to things that used to truly push my buttons. Things in my life are changing…  

I adore your style – time with you is like a warm conversation that feels so openand natural

You say just what I need. Thank you!"

-Margo Zeier, New Zealand

"I had the distinct pleasure to experience a Soul Attunement with Marita. My focus was relationships, and by the end of our time together my questions had answers, and I was clear on my desires and direction. I highly recommend working with Marita - her energyclarity and gentle calm provides the perfect healing environment."

~Beth Anderson, Wisconsin, USA

You can't go wrong with this incredible Guarantee!

Join others who connected with themselves again, who found magic, who unveiled themselves and unfurled their desires.


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